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  • Rani, you are thee man!I can’t tell you how many times I’ve locked my car keys in my trunk/car… by now you’d think I’d have a spare right (well actually, now I do… thanks to Rani) My car is seriously thee most annoying car to break into seeing as it has many “special” features and by special I mean broken. I explained to him over the phone all the nuances of my car and the problems he’d come across while trying to retrieve my key and even then he said, “do not worry, I don’t need all that. I can get in the trunk”. At first I was a bit hesitant because the last time this happened to me, I ended up with a broken window and a broken tail light. He came to the rescue the next morning and his confidence & persistence gave me the security I needed to relax. He made me a spare & sure enough, was able to retrieve my key from the trunk… I could not believe it was not butter! So so thankful for Ronnie, you saved the day. Thank you! Definitely saving his number in my phone book as I will probably be needing his services in the future. VIA Yelp.
  • I am literally a walking curse, so it’s bound to happen that I break something. Unfortunately for me it was my car key/clicker. I came here on a recommendation from a family member, and not only did I NOT have to pay the dealership $400, it took less than half an hour to replace. Service is prompt and courteous and prices are generous. Two thumbs up. VIA Yelp.
  • This north Hollywood locksmith is located right next to 711 and I had locked my car keys in my car in there parking lot and there friendly staff got me back in my locked out car for almost half the price of the other places I called. 5 stars all the way! Thanks guys! – Brad D.
  • I was referred to Lock Solutions by Nathan at A1A Locksmith because he doesn’t handle my make/model/year car and my key was broken in the ignition.  Lock Solutions was honest, reliable, responsible and reasonable. They did a top notch job…on a Sunday.  Thanks. – A.H.
  • great experience with them, today, at work!  professional, courteous, kind, thoughtful, skilled, honest. Highly recommend! VIA Yelp
  • Wonderful service …!!! Last night I lost my cars key , today (only 2 hour ) they Re-keying my car lock. Iam very glad for their first service.So I give them five stars********* and above…………
  • Great service fast and fair! My ex totally got me so I needed a key fast Rani quoted me a fair price and was there fast, great guy great service!
  • I had dropped my car key in a parking lot, with my house key attached.  A day later, I realized that my briefcase had been stolen from my car (and they didn’t steal the car…thank goodness). So since my home was vulnerable, I needed to change the lock on the front door.  I called Lock Solutions at 5 p.m., asked if I could meet them at home at 7 p.m.  When I drove into my driveway, Lock Solutions was arriving on time.  He changed the lock quickly — gave me two brand new keys.  It was quick, affordable and I would absolutely use them again! – Kerry M.
  • Locksmith Los Angeles came to my rescue again.  While walking my dog late tonight I returned home and my key got stuck in the lock.  It stopped half way through the turn and refused to go any further nor could I take it out.  Ronnie arrived to our house in minutes and was very patient with this stubborn lock and worked with it for a while until the key turned.  It took some time but he finally did it! And now I don’t have to sleep in my car 😉 Thank you Lock Solutions, you are true to your name! – Nicole P.

Locksmith Los ANgeles

Locksmith Los Angeles

  • My mother couldn’t find her house keys this morning after searching for them for 45 minutes; she usually sets them down in the same place.  We were concerned that she left them in the front door and someone took them over night.  Called Lock Solutions at 8:05am and they said they would be here between 9 & 10am.  A friendly gentleman named Neli showed up at 8:45, rekeyed the lock, changed an additional lock, discounted the price of service and was out by 9:00.  Great service, I got much more than what I expected.  I am a happy customer! – S.M
  • Being the hung over space cadet that I usually am, I locked my keys in my car… AGAIN. Since it was a Sunday afternoon, I was sure it was going to be difficult to find a locksmith to drive out and set me free, but Lock Solutions Inc. was a true lifesaver. They came within 30 minutes after I called and only charged a flat-rate fee of $75. They also take cash or credit for other guys and gals like me who are no cash kids. – Liz S.
  • Locked myself out of my room. The locks on the inside doors in my house are ridiculous. Guy showed up in 30 minutes. Picked my lock quickly.  I don’t know anything about locks. He was nice though. – Courtney A.
  • Great experience with them, today, at work!  professional, courteous, kind, thoughtful, skilled, honest. highly recommend! – Shana N.
  • Great service fast and fair! My ex totally got me so I needed a key fast Rani quoted me a fair price and was there fast, great guy great service! – Mike H.
  • Need a key to be made for my porsche shopped the dealer and they wanted a arm and a leg for it. Called them they came on time to my house quoted me 150 less than the dealer and it was original keys. Great service they ordered the key and today they got it done for me. – Kev Y.
  • Found then through yelp, needed keys redone for my parents house.  They were on time and the price was right.  Would use them again they even applied the $10 coupon with my payment. – John L.
  • Great locksmith service. Very helpful guys, and reasonably priced. They unlocked my door quickly and replaced the locks very quickly. Would definitely use their service again, and I recommend them to anyone. – Trevor F.

Ducati Motorcycle picture.

Ducati Motorcycle picture.

  • My boy broke my only key for my 92 Toyota Corolla. I was locked out and wasn’t in any hurry to get in, so I just made an appointment between 2-4pm. I wasn’t sure if my locks needed replacement or what, so I got a few quotes and went about my day. around say 1:40pm the Locksmith came up (didn’t expect them so early which was great) The guy was very respectful and professional. He cut me a few new keys for my car (pretty fast too) and said I really didn’t need the new locks, so he saved me a lot of money and the keys work perfectly. 5 star service that’s for sure!. – Eric S.
  • Thank you Rani I called Locksmith Of Los Angeles to have a one-sided deadbolt installed. Matt called in advance and was able to arrive even before the quoted time. He was very knowledgable and went above and beyond to point out and fix issues he noticed with my existing lock and door at no extra cost. My door now closes with no hip check needed 🙂 The new deadbolt is perfect and I would highly recommend and use them again!! – Maoz T.
  • I needed a locksmith today, (got locked out) and called Locksmith Los Angeles. They got to my house in Studio city within 20 min, unlocked my door and rekeyed my 3 locks to a brand new key, This guy was amazing, this whole deal took less than an hour and i paid alot less than i expected. Just wanted to thank you guys for helping me. – Golan C.