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New Jeep Key

New Jeep Key

We are a insured, licensed and bonded Jeep locksmith in Los angeles.
Serving the entire Los Angeles, San Fernando Valley and Ventura counties.
New Jeep keys have a computer chip built into the key. The new Jeep key sends a signal to the car informing the car to unlock the doors and activate the engine. This is a design feature to help prevent car theft, typically in higher end models. However, it does make it a bit more frustrating when it comes to replacing the vehicle keys if you ever lose them. We highly suggest making a duplicate of your Jeep key before it may be lost. Getting a duplicate new Jeep key is much less expensive then having to create a brand new Jeep key.

Because the new Jeep key is no longer just a piece of metal, you actually need to have someone replace the computer chip also, which ads a large fee to the price. Unless you use us to replace your Jeep key we are far cheaper then the dealer and one of the only locksmiths around who can do this. If you own an Jeep it is going to cost you well over $400.00 if you go through the dealership. If you come to us it can be just a few hundred dollars. maybe even less depending on your year and model. We are a premier Los Angeles Automotive Locksmith.

Jeep Locksmith Los Angeles – Do I Have to Go To The Dealer?

  • No you will not have to go to the dealer and pay an outrageous price. We can do it for about half the price of the dealer and sometimes even less.

Jeep Locksmith.

We have been making Jeep keys for over 10+ years. All of our locksmiths are certified, trained, Insured, Bonded and Licensed. We promise 100% Satisfaction guaranteed. Making a new Jeep key is no easy task and almost all locksmiths cant even make them. How ever with our state of the art technology we are able to make and duplicate such keys and remotes. If you have any questions or would like a free estimate please call our shop at 818-821-3110.

Some of the Jeeps we service are:

  • Jeep wrangler Key, Ignition and Locks.
  • Jeep Grand Cherokee Key, Ignition and Locks.
  • Jeep Cherokee Key, Ignition and Locks.
  • Jeep Liberty Key, Ignition and Locks.
  • Jeep Patriot Key, Ignition and Locks.
  • Jeep Compass Key, Igniton and Locks.

Thats just to name a few but we can service any and all Jeep vehicle models.

Jeep Locksmith Service Guarantee

 We promise to deliver nothing but the very best service on your New Jeep Key, Ignition or door lock service. Please call us at 828-832-3110.

We are a full service locksmith specializing in Commercial Locksmith and Residential Locksmith.